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Coopers Field

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Address of Coopers Field


Cardiff (City Centre)










GIS Location Information Geographic Location: Lat: 51.48154; Long: -3.18312 - GeoTag: GB-CRF

 Coopers Field 

Coopers Field is an Outdoor Venue managed as a Event Venue by an Independent/Unknown Organisation and is located in or near Cardiff (City Centre), Wales.

You can see what other attractions are near Coopers Field if you follow this link to other attractions and event locations in the area of Cardiff on this website

At the bottom of this page you will find hotels near Coopers Field and, railway stations near Coopers Field too.

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Railway Stations near Coopers Field

Listed below are the nearest 6 Railway Stations within approximately 25 miles of Coopers Field with roughly the closest at the top of the list and the furthest at the bottom. For further detail click on the station name.

Station Name Station Type

Cardiff Central Station Major Railway Station (24hr staff) 


Cathays Station Railway Station (Unstaffed) 


Cardiff Queen Street Station Major Railway Station (24hr staff) 


Grangetown (Cardiff) Station Railway Station (Unstaffed) 


Ninian Park Station Railway Station (Unstaffed) 


Heath Low Level Station Railway Station (Unstaffed) 


Heath High Level Station Railway Station (Unstaffed) 


Cogan (Llandough) Station Railway Station (Unstaffed) 


Dingle Road (Penarth) Station Railway Station (Unstaffed) 


Llanishen Station Railway Station (Unstaffed) 


Hotels near Coopers Field

The hotels near Coopers Field listed below, roughly in order of distance from Coopers Field; closest at the top furthest away at the bottom, is within approximately 6 miles (10Km) of Coopers Field, the exact locations being displayed on the map above. For more information and the ability to check availability and book on-line click on the hotel name.

If the attraction is in a rural area you may need to zoom out with the map to see all the listed hotels near Coopers Field. IMPORTANT: If there is a big river or other obstruction nearby please make sure you choose a hotel on the correct side of it as our distances are calculated as the crow flies!

Star Rate Hotel Name Accommodation Type
 5  Hilton Cardiff Hotel


 5  St Davids Hotel Spa Hotel


 4  Jolyons @ No. 10 Hotel


 4  Royal Hotel Cardiff Hotel


 4  Parc Hotel Thistle Hotel


 4  Cardiff Marriott Hotel Hotel


 4  Radisson Blu Hotel Hotel


 4  Novotel Cardiff Centre Hotel


 3  Wynford Hotel Hotel


 3  Sleeperz Hotel Cardiff Hotel


 3  Mercure The Lodge Cardiff Hotel


 3  Tanes Hotel Hotel


 3  Future Inn Cardiff Bay Hotel


 3  Cefn Mably Hotel Hotel


 3  Manor Parc Hotel Hotel


 3  Tadross Hotel Hotel